The website uses systems of automatic collection of data not directly provided by the user, such as the cookies.

Cookies are files saved on the hard drive or in the browser’s memory in the file set up by system software of the user’s computer, used to identify that user. Though they do not contain understandable information, they allow the connection of the user’s identity with the personal data this user indicates on the website.

The cookies are located on Charanga S.L.’s server. This way, the information collected and obtained through the cookies can be processed and managed exclusively and anonymously by Charanga S.L. in order to optimize our services and website regarding the specific requirements and preferences of the users.

In case a user does not wish for cookies to be installed on his/her computer, he/she has to configure his/her browser programme in order to deactivate them. Apart from this, the user has the liberty to eliminate the cookies at the and of each session. In this case, Charanga S.L. cannot guarantee the user the full visualisation of some websites nor the full access to some services offered.

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